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When I started Artfully Real Communications, the goal was to create original websites for my clients. However, without a company logo, I really wouldn't know which direction to head. The logo is where I get the colour scheme, coordinating font, and general vibe. Many clients come to me with either no logo, a logo idea, or an unsuitable one. After consulting with the client with some website design possibilities, some clients ask me to redesign their logo. Why?

They decide that they don't like the seriousness of their logo, the colours, or the company name. (Remember, that your company name will determine the length of your domain name and email address(es).) One more thing, always remember one simple step- make sure to google the potential business name to make sure it hasn't been taken. This step will save you from a lot of grief.

The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their right names.

Once the name is established, the next step is to determine the font, colours, images, and the text. For example, when choosing the font, do you wish to have all the text in lowercase, uppercase, italics, or both? When determining the text, do you want your catch phrase included the logo? Or would you like to add the name of your city to the logo? Really, the possibilities are limitless, but the most important thing is that your logo makes the best first impression. Another factor to consider is that the logo must be timeless. Therefore, you shouldn't have to redesign your logo twenty years down the road.

Consider the four important decisions to make while creating a logo. Below, are a few examples of the feelings that these decisions may convey.


As you can see, designing a logo takes a lot of forethought. And yet, all these thoughts must be expressed as simply as possible.

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