Having a video embedded on your website is like having a commercial run 24/7. In our Youtube world, image is everything. Videos must be short, professional and to the point. Posting a video on your website also builds credibility and trust for your brand. A brief but effective video from Artfully Real Communications can start at $500 and up.

This video was created especially for the landing page of Supergreatful.org to encourage folks to start the 30 days Gratitude Challenge.

This promotion video for Eden Bao Photography was filmed in downtown Quebec City. The purpose of the video is to help potential clients see what an on-location shoot would involve.

This promotion video was created as a website header for Red Cliff Communications. The music is motivational with an Asian touch- an exact match for the company's philosophy.

This explainer video was created for Artfully Real Communications (that's us!) to advertise our responsive website design services.