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Graphic Arts

Updating Your Image

Due to budget cuts or a lack of time, a lot of businesses forget to update their media assets. For example, we just finished completing a large website migration because the website required a more advanced server and a brand new template. The old template was not responsive and it was obsolete after only six years in use! Another one of our clients has been using the same poster over and over for many years. It was in desperate need of a fresh, youthful look to represent their business.

Why is this important? As many recording artists know, it’s important to stay relevant and to keep up with the times. Being timeless is fabulous but being outdated is not. For example, if your website is showing it’s age, it’s time for a revamp. If your publicity media is over five years old, scrap it and start anew. You will be rewarded with more business.

When you look at the two posters above, can you guess which one is the new one?



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