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Website Design

To DIY or Not

When it comes to web design and regular maintenance, many people prefer to take the DIY route, which is commendable. However, depending on your business, clients, and competition, this may not be the smartest business choice.


The Artfully Real Communications Version (Not fully completed)


For example, I was given the project of designing a website for an Engineering firm with plenty of competitors in the local area. Their competitors are mostly large, multi-national companies and medium consulting firms in nearby States. This small company had plenty of competition that presented a very professional image on-line. After finishing a prototype of the website, this client decided that the cost and regular maintenance of a professional website was not worthwhile. They decided to “do it themselves.”


The DIY website.


And that’s fine. However, most of my clients do not have the time and energy to work out security issues, fix the bugs, nor update their website. (Updating your website is necessary to keep up with the extremely fast pace of technology.) They do not want their website to become obsolete nor to present an out-dated business image- which can cause lost revenue.

I have clients that have contacted me right away to fix website bugs, server issues, and security threats, all of which needed to be addressed immediately. Why? Because successful businesses recognize that a professional website is a 24/7 money-making machine. One client estimated that a whopping 40% of business came through their contact form. Another client stated that 70% of her business came directly from her mobile website. Therefore, user experience is a priority.

There is no correct answer when it comes to going the DIY route or to hire a professional to help you. It really depends on the time, energy, and expertise that you have. Ultimately, the goal is to present the best, professional image of your company on-line.

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