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Tactical Website Changes

I woke up this morning looking forward to watching Marie TV. I love watching her web podcasts- it’s just oozing with optimism and positive human emotions. It’s like having a personal cheerleader on your side.

On this particular show, I learned a few things regarding website marketing and content. Marie went through an already well-designed website and gave some strategies on how the owner can differentiate their business in their niche market. Marie’s goal in doing so is to help small businesses be more clear and customer-focused. The key is to have high quality, well-organized, organic content. The website tips start at 4:09 in the video above and is an absolutely must see. I love the line, “When you confuse people, you lose people.”

When designing a website, the goal is to keep the website layout simple. The viewer should get the gist of your services and business within a three second time slot. Another tip is to minimize social media links because the last thing you want to do is redirect your client away from your precious website. These simple but powerful tips are just common sense.

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