We love responsive websites here at Artfully Real Communications. Many people conveniently use their mobile gadgets to search the net. If your website isn't responsive to their devices, you might be losing business, and not even know it.

That being said, our main design philosophy is to keep things simple - because too much of anything isn't a good thing. (Coffee is an excellent example of our 'less is more' philosophy. But we have at times broken this rule on our websites and on our coffee intake.) Simplicity will help us to avoid overstimulating and overwhelming the viewer.

"Good design means as little design as possible."

Dieter Rams

The average viewer takes only a few minutes to check out your webpage before they decide if you are trustworthy. How do they come to this conclusion?

Simply put, it's your professionalism. If your website is too busy to the eye, it will turn off the viewer immediately. A simple layout is best because most people are too busy to navigate the average website anyways. We can go on and on about colour scheme, content, pages, images, etc. But really, it all depends on your line of business and vision.

The best thing is to contact us for more details regarding your specific project.