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Additional Services

After your website is completed, you can manage everything on your own as a DIYer.
But we don’t leave you hanging!  We provide additional services should you need our help in the future.
All prices are in CAD.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I host and manage my website on my own?

For sure. We applaud DIYers! Should you need any help and guidance, simply contact us regarding our services.

How long does it take to complete a website?

Depending on the needs of the website, the average time it takes is one week for a prototype. Normally, a website is completed within one month. Completion time is highly dependent on the response from our clients for information, images, and direction.

Do I own the website and domain name?

Of course! All digital assets including logos are considered your personal property. If you choose to host with us, you may request a back up copy of your website anytime. If you plan to host on your own, we can transfer your domain name.

Can I hire you guys by the hour?

For sure! We can survey your website to address any issues and make suggestions for improvement. Please note that all hourly projects completed within 24 hours must be paid before any further work is done.

What is your refund policy?

All projects are non-refundable once a deposit/payment is made. Hosting plans are billed on an annual basis and are fully refundable, rounded to the next month.

Our Terms

Our projects and services are non-refundable. All digital assets will remain as your sole property. Artfully Real Communications makes no claim to either the domain name, website, logo/brand, upon completion of the project.