Hosting Your Website with Artfully Real Communications

For a monthly fee starting at $30.00 and up, you will have all technical issues covered along with the hosting of your website. When we first created your website, we include in the original cost 1) your domain 2) the theme license 3) all content created at the time of development. With our hosting plan, we keep up the technical maintenance of your website, back it up regularly, and make sure it's performing up to snuff and updated as necessary.


Optimization of speed, content, and template coding.


Updated security against spambots, hackers, and malware.


Any issues regarding Email, SSL, plug-ins, domain renewals, and regular website back-ups.

Please note:

  1. Any front end changes, such as updating content, adding features/functions, and changes to the theme and layout are not included in the hosting plan. The hourly cost for this service is $30.00 and after the first hour, it is rounded up to the nearest quarter. We recommend that you accumulate a list of changes for efficiency. Dynamic new pages can be created and linked to your website at the cost of $225/page.
  2. Hosting fees are invoiced on an annual basis. If you decide to host elsewhere during your term, you will be refunded your hosting fees (rounded to the next month). The start of your hosting time begins when your website is moved to the official domain and/or after you have accepted and signed the website completion form.
  3. The domain and your website belongs to you. Artfully Real Communications will transfer your domain and deliver your website back-end files to you for hosting elsewhere, upon request.
  4. Website back-up files are available via digital download to all of our clients anytime. Please send requests to


Let us take care of the bugs and technical stuff for you.