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Hiring a Professional Photographer

Your website is an on-line presentation of your business. Therefore, hiring a professional photographer is the best way to present your company’s image. I prefer that my clients hire a professional photographer to get the best images of the services and products they offer. The reason being is that most viewers can tell the difference between generic stock photographs and original ones. The more customized your images are, the stronger your brand will be. Remember, each section of your website is like real estate. You don’t want to waste any of that space on irrelevant images and/or content.

That being said, most of my clients present me with pictures that have been taken with their smartphones or a low quality digital camera. Sadly, there is only so much I can do to photoshop and fix the image. Maybe a bit of brightening and sharpening, but it’s almost impossible to fix a bad quality photo. Hiring a professional photographer would eliminate such problems. There is however, one fix for low quality photographs, and that is changing them to black and white. Black and white images hide a multitude of issues. It also makes a website look unified and classic.

If you are unable to hire a good photographer or if you require generic photographs (for example a travel/tour company), I recommend using these stock photo sites:

1) www.dreamstime.com – they provide free stock photos and have the most reasonable rates.

Search Royalty Free stock images on Dreamstime:

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