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Copywriting | Customer Focused Writing

I just love the internet! If you head to the right places, there is so much you can learn online for FREE! It’s like a modern day learning renaissance. Anyone, anywhere can learn pretty much anything, thanks to this internet led DIY revolution.

In my email today, I found another helpful video from the Marie Forleo team. She is such a wonderful teacher, giving out her expertise and knowledge on her own website. This video focuses on creating customer focused writing and how you can improve it. Basically, it comes down to not writing about yourself, but writing about your client’s needs. One major point that I learned is how this technique can be applied to the navigation menu.



I highly recommend anyone who is writing organic content for business to watch this video and to take to heart some of the great tips available. It’s a fine balance to being being human and being professional in your writing, and I think Marie’s got in pinned down perfectly. When I finished watching this video, I enrolled in the FREE copywriting course at:

The Copy Cure

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