We can compare the template to the bones of a website. The fun part is that we can mix and match and play with various layouts. After the bone-building is done, next comes the design phase. The possibilities are limitless as there are so many fonts, colours, and images to chose from. Even if we were to use the same layout for each website (which we never do), just the artistic elements alone would make each website different.


This is usually based on the logo, with no more than three coordinating colours. However, this rule can easily be broken, depending on the vision of the company.


There are literally thousands of fonts to choose from, however a few principles apply. Website fonts should be crisp and clear to the eyes. And most importantly, easy to read.


A picture is worth a thousand words. All images must be curated and photoshopped to fit the website design. It is necessary to size the images for speed optimization.


A short company video accompanied by pleasant audio is a highly effective marketing tool. The goal is the keep the video brief and simple.


Backgrounds, info graphs, and the extras give your website that extra WOW factor.