The boring stuff, but still good to know...

What is the price for a logo?

For the cost of $300 we provide five mock logos. We then customize the one that you choose with up to five revisions until you are fully happy with the final design.

What is the price of a website?

In general, our websites start at $1500 and up (plus the cost of monthly hosting), depending on how many bells and whistles you would like included. For example, a simple one page, parallax, restaurant website will run you at $1500 and up. A basic responsive business website consisting of five pages including proof-read content, can start at $2000 and over. Functional websites that require a log-in feature, responsive forms, client uploads, etc., can start at $3500 and up. Additional pages can be added to the estimated price at the cost of $225/page.

A website redesign will cost less if it is mostly cut and paste. Because every website is different, please contact us for a customized price. If you have already gotten a few quotes from various competitors, we will do our best to beat their quote in price and value!

How long does it take you to finish a website?

Depending on the needs required, it's usually about one to two weeks to finish a website prototype. After additional revisions and customizations, the website is ready to go live usually within a month.

Our websites-in-progress are built on a password-protected temporary domain and then moved over to the correct domain when completed. (Our clients also have the option to use a new domain name, in which we build directly on it. The cost for the first year of your domain is included in your website creation- if you choose to host with us. Additional years are included in your hosting plan if you host with us too. For more info, visit our hosting page.)

The deadline also depends on how quickly our clients respond to us on any requests for pictures and/or content. That is why a website redesign usually costs less, because the images/content needed are already on the former website, which eliminates a lot of back and forth communication.


What are your rates for website maintenance and SEO projects?

Our website maintenance fee is $30/hour, which includes writing articles, SEO updating, adding features to pages, image addition, and training, etc,. After the first hour, all hourly charges are rounded up to the nearest quarter.

Designing new dynamic pages and connecting them to your website will cost $225/page.

What do you charge for creating digital marketing/branding projects?

Designing and printing of business cards, posters, brochures start at $30/hour plus the full printing cost of the final design. (We have hand-picked a few great printing companies.) For our other services, including social media management, email, and other forms of marketing communications, please contact us for a consultation. (We're always up for a new challenge!)

What is the difference between Artfully Real Communications and other website development companies?

In a nutshell: Capable Freelancers.

The procedure most website companies follow is that a team of 3-5 people are assigned to work on your project. This will most likely include the UI/UX Designer, a graphic artist, the software programmer, a project manager, and SEO specialist. Then comes the constant meetings over user experience, design, and website functions. This process equals to additional overhead costs, which is then passed on to the client.

At Artfully Real Communications, we use a main project manager, who is a full-stack website developer, to get the job done. And depending on the needs of a project, we may call in additional freelancers to add their talent to the project. We have access to freelancers in audio/video productions, advanced graphic arts, photography, programming and computer coding, security prevention, marketing and copywriting.

This results in considerable cost savings for the client, who can also pick and choose which additional freelance services are needed for their project.

Where are you located?

We're located in the fabulous city of Montreal, QC, Canada. But in the realm of the world wide web, that means nothing, as our clients come from different time zones. We have clients from the Montreal area, Canada, the United States, and beyond.

How do you communicate with your clients?

We typically respond to all email and phone enquires within 24 hours.

Thanks to a free software called Google Hangouts, (how did we ever live without Google?) we're able to communicate with our clients and show them exactly how to manage their new website using screen share. Actually, we prefer this method of communication even with our local clients.

How do I submit my information/logo/documents for the website?

We prefer two methods:

-Artfully Real Communications Client Portal

This is so we can keep all of our client's information separate and organized. We prefer that our clients not send their information using email attachments. This is because we have several emails coming in daily and some of these emails automatically go in our spam folder.

How do I book a project?

Website Design:
We'll need a signed contract and a 50% non-refundable deposit to get started on your project. Payments can be made by Paypal (for all clients outside of Canada), Email transfer, or by cheque.

A full payment is needed to start your project.

Hourly Projects:
Please contact us at first for scheduling. All work completed within 24 hours must be paid for before any future work will be done.

What is your payment policy?

For websites, we require 50% to begin the project and the final half at completion. Delivery of all branding and logo files and/or the launching of the website occurs when the project has been paid in full.

We use Paypal to invoice all of our International clients, including the United States.
All Canadian clients must pay by either cheque or email transfer.

Can I host my website elsewhere?

Yes. However, you must secure your own domain name and web hosting account, preferably before your prototype website is built. Keep in mind that all issues regarding security, updates, emails, etc. will be solely your responsibility.

If you choose not to host with us, you will be provided with all the back-end files to your website. Any functional problems to the website after the transfer will be your responsibility. Some hosting companies provide website transfer services free of charge or for a nominal fee.

How do I edit/maintain my website?

We provide all of our clients with 2 hours free training upon completion of their website.

If you choose to maintain your website on your own, we can provide further, extensive training at the cost of $30/hour, using a screen share software- Google Hangouts. Our goal is to ensure that all of our clients feel confident maintaining their new website going forward. However, there is always the option of hosting with us or hiring us on an hourly basis for updates.

For those going out on their own, WordPress is moderately easy-to-use, and there is a lot of information on the internet. Simply google and learn!